Passion and Commitment to Your Mission

I feel as though this was the first time in my lifetime, that I ever was so powerfully moved by an election! Cheers and Tears. So many emotions were brought about and what a wild ride. The entire country was passionate — one way or the other — but passionate all the same. This passion is also what I love about our nonprofit community. We wear our heart on our sleeves for what we believe in. We commit to a mission.

At Nonprofit Garden, we have been privileged to work with so many diverse clients doing powerful work across the country – food banks, women’s’ foundations, museums, schools, and more! All of you are doing important work and should be proud of the difference you make in our world every day. You and your peers make a collective difference  in this country when we put our energies in the right place.

My hope is now that the election is behind us that we can move forward with more compassion, more understanding of our brothers and sisters, and more grace when faced with our greatest challenges. I’ve spent well over 20 years working with nonprofits and am so very proud of each and every one of you!  We don’t know what is ahead for the economy or the world of nonprofits and foundations. But, we do know that we belong to an amazing group of talented professionals and we do what we do because we love it, we are committed to making a positive change in our world, and we have a passion for all things good!

Tools of the Trade

Avoid Year-end Giving Burnout

It’s the most stressful time of the year for fundraisers as you embark on your year-end giving campaigns. Beth Kanter recently shared tips for avoiding burnout in the article Four Smart Ways to Avoid Burnout for Nonprofit Professionals. While you’re busy taking care of campaign business, don’t forget to time to bring self-care into your office so you are able to keep up the pace long term.

Online Solutions

Google: Mobile or Bust!

That news that Google will split its mobile and desktop indexes within ‘months’, according to a Google webmaster trends analyst is going to be a game changer for websites that aren't mobile friendly. Read the online article from The Guardian. If you're not mobile friendly, you'll soon be left behind. Not sure where to start? Check out our ebook Conquering Responsive Design for Nonprofits.

Email Resources

Responsive Email Coding Tips

Responsive email messages are industry standard. No matter what email marketing system you use for sending emails unless you know some basics principles, your messages will be just another card trick. Rebecca's latest tip sheet Mastering the Magic of Responsive Email Design will help you pull a rabbit out of your hat & have your audience cheering.

Fundraising Strategies

Find Undiscovered Social Wealth in Your Donors!

“Your supporters are agents of change…” The power of influence and social sharing can make a big difference in the results of your year-end giving. The article 5 Ways to Mobilize Everyday Influencers Around End-of-Year Giving published on GuideStar’s blog can help you create social ambassadors.

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Garden