Nonprofit Garden is Growing

What’s going on with Nonprofit Garden? We keep hearing this question from our friends across the country so we wanted to give you an update. Not to worry! We are maturing, growing and thriving with new customers like East Texas Food Bank, the Mies van der Rohe Society and The Field Museum, to name a few.

As Vice President, the effervescent Rebecca Leifert is continuing to lead WordPress & NetCommunity projects with our web and online giving solutions team; and the fabulous Kristen Kenyon is driving our ongoing Raiser’s Edge and fundraising strategy work. And me…? I am exploring the Salesforce.com world. Yes – you read that correctly …Salesforce.  It isn’t a huge departure because Rebecca and Kristen have the wheels running smoothly as always. The 3 of us have been working together for almost 10 years and it’s been a great team to be a part of!

So – if you saw my Linkedin profile update and were scratching your head, now you know.  We are expanding our areas of expertise and knowledge to serve our clients better, not withering on the vine. Give me a shout in 6 months to find out what I really think about the Salesforce nonprofit service pack. In the meantime, we are continuing to focus on all nonprofits — including those using the Blackbaud suite of solutions.

Tools of the Trade

Raiser’s Edge Release

Raiser’s Edge 7.96 is coming with the change of seasons this fall so it’s time to watch a webinar so you aren’t caught off guard. See the list of webinar dates and get registered now!

Online Solutions

Google: Mobile or Bust!

That news that Google will split its mobile and desktop indexes within ‘months’, according to a Google webmaster trends analyst is going to be a game changer for websites that aren't mobile friendly. Read the online article from The Guardian. If you're not mobile friendly, you'll soon be left behind. Not sure where to start? Check out our ebook Conquering Responsive Design for Nonprofits.

Email Resources

Responsive Email Coding Tips

Responsive email messages are industry standard. No matter what email marketing system you use for sending emails unless you know some basics principles, your messages will be just another card trick. Rebecca's latest tip sheet Mastering the Magic of Responsive Email Design will help you pull a rabbit out of your hat & have your audience cheering.

Success Stories

WordPress & NetCommunity

Dallas Women’s Foundation needed a fresh look for their NetCommunity website, but also needed that look to be applied their WordPress blog for a unified presentation. Read the case study to see how we teamed up to redesign their site and launch a new WordPress blog.

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Garden