Executive Assistant

Claudean Ostrom

Executive Assistant

Claudean Ostrom

What gets me out of bed in the morning:

My to-do list! Whether it is for work, keeping Lisa and the team at Nonprofit Garden on track or for my family, my phone is constantly going off with reminders. I am excited to be working with nonprofits, and supporting so many important missions in the background.

What keeps me up at night:

Usually I take it one day at a time, but night is when I run through the day and think about the following day. It is usually another list of things to do including doing homework, practicing spelling words and getting the science fair projects done!

Claudean is a master organizer. Her role at Nonprofit Garden is to keep CEO Lisa Lane on track, whether it is scheduling calls with existing or prospective clients, managing her travel and speaking engagements, finding things for her, or getting things to her that she left behind in her hectic schedule. We try to keep it all fun.

Claudean previously worked in venture capital with two premier firms in Boston as an executive assistant to investors that once ran internationally recognized organizations. She also has an operational background having worked in several start-ups.

She now lives south of Denver with her husband, Brad, and her daughter, Lorin.


Claudean holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Central Connecticut State University.

The Bigger Picture

If Claudean is not in the office, she’s either busy with her daughter (school, homework, carpool…), volunteering or taking horseback lessons in rural Colorado.

  • Claudean is a master organizer. Her role at Nonprofit Garden is to keep CEO Lisa Lane on track. View Full Bio