Women's Foundation of Colorado

A NetCommunity Success Story

The Challenge

During the summer of 2017, Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO) underwent a dramatic brand transformation. The result was a beautiful new logo and tag line that better reflected WFCO’s core belief. In addition to this branding update, their NetCommunity website also needed a makeover that would bring the website into the new brand identity fold. Since this was taking place at the end of their current budget cycle, this project was split into a two-phase website update. Phase 1: update the brand using current site structure and layouts. Phase 2: full site redesign, including moving to mobile-responsive functionality.

East Texas Food Bank NetCommunity Web Design

NetCommunity Project Highlights

Budget-friendly & Multi-phase Project

Phase 1: Update site elements to match new brand identity as well as prep content, clean up CSS for next phase. Phase 2: Futher update the homepage design, add elevated features/functionality, and convert the website to be mobile-responsive.

New Brand Identity

Updated Blackbaud NetCommunity CSS, layouts and page templates to reflect the new brand standards and a more contemporary design.

Mobile Giving & Registration

Customized donation and event registration forms to utilize both branded and user-friendly display as well as mobile responsive functionality.

Strategic Support & Training

Provided both strategic support as well as onsite and remote Blackbaud NetCommunity training throughout the project.

The Solution

Nonprofit Garden worked with WFCO and their chosen design firm to implement a new design. As a result, we have transformmed their site into a contemporary design that is more reflective of the new brand standards. In a tight budget year, we split the project into two phases that would stretch over two budget cycles. Phase 1 allows for a brand refresh in their current NetCommunity structure. Phase 2 (to be completed in 2018) will further update the site’s features and functionality as well as convert their entire site to be mobile responsive.

Project Details

  • Completed a NetCommunity website audit & provided recommendations for making updates to the current site while keeping budget and upcoming rebranding in mind.
  • Worked with WFCO’s team to fix some long-standing NetCommunity display issues with older design elements.
  • Nonprofit Garden’s programmers worked with WFCO’s chosen design firm to ensure the new website design would work within the confines of NetCommunity and all feature elements could be seamlessly implemented in the site’s current layouts & templates.
  • Worked with the WFCO team to narrow down the number of templates and layouts utilized on live site to make better use of budget resources.
  • Updated Blackbaud NetCommunity CSS, layouts and page templates to reflect the new brand standards and a more contemporary design.
  • Customized donation form display to utilize recurring gifts, giving level buttons, and mobile responsive functionality.
  • Converted and customized Event Registration form display to have mobile responsive functionality.
  • Prepared content, CSS, and layouts for phase 2 of the project: moving the website into a mobile responsive environment.
  • Assisted with template/layout conversion alleviating the amount of time invested by WFCO’s internal staff and eliminated the need for duplicate sets of pages.
  • Designed and programmed new mobile responsive email templates that include simple email, acknowledgement, and enews style templates.
  • Provided onsite and remote Blackbaud NetCommunity training.
  • Provided strategic support and Blackbaud NetCommunity consulting services over the course of 2 years and multiple projects as well as ongoing consulting services on an as needed basis.