The Chest Foundation

“Lisa and Rebecca met and then exceeded my expectations. The team did a hefty amount of heavy lifting and answered all of our questions along the way. It was like NetCommunity™ was finally unveiled. Now we’re rockin’ and rollin’!”
– Phil Zepeda, Vice President for Cause Marketing and Communications, American College of Chest Physicians

The Chest Foundation


The CHEST Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American College of Chest Physicians. The foundation’s OneBreath website provides resources to advance the prevention and treatment of diseases of the chest, including a vast array of health-resource websites. But the site’s design and approach had become dated. To more effectively educate the public and provide an edge over other providers of medical information resources, it was time to breathe new life into the website.

However, the design firm that the foundation used didn’t have NetCommunity™ experience. In addition, the navigation of the site was like “a tangled web of Christmas lights” according to marketing leadership. The foundation quickly realized that some NetCommunity™ know-how would be critical to making the project a success.


Nonprofit Garden worked with The CHEST Foundation to redesign the site to more dynamically communicate OneBreath’s mission, encourage support and reengage users.

  • Strategic and structural planning: After conducting an in-depth site review, they evaluated the foundation’s unique challenges with navigation, information architecture and content. We developed a more user-friendly site structure as well as page template wireframes that incorporated the features and functionality that would drive engagement and track user preferences.
  • Design and development: The team designed page templates and features that emphasized action and support of both clients and clinicians.
  • Data Migration: As part of the redesign process, we took the lead in creating core pages and implementing NetCommunity™ parts. The Nonprofit Garden team tested all key features and functionality, and assisted with a full data migration assistance for all content that would be moved to the new site.


The new site launched on time in March of 2013 and has been met with rave reviews about the ease of use of the new navigation and more. Traffic is up 44 percent. The renewed engagement with their clinicians and users has re-energized the team and breathed new life into the foundation’s mission.

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