Schoolcraft College Foundation

“There was so much functionality about which we weren’t even aware! It was so helpful to have you walk us through best practices — and break our bad habits.”
– Beth Kohler, Director of Development, Schoolcraft College Foundation


Schoolcraft College launched an institution-wide redesign project, and mandated that all departments debut brand-matching websites by a specific deadline. But the content management system being deployed for the college overall lacked the core fundraising functionality on which the Foundation relied. The team decided on the alternative option of redesigning their website with the look and feel of the overall site’s identity but using the NetCommunity™ product.

They turned to the individuals at Nonprofit Garden to help prioritize the possibilities on an aggressive project schedule.


Job one was helping the Foundation make sense of the different tiers and products that Blackbaud® offered for NetCommunity™.

Then the redesign team worked in partnership with the Foundation to envision a site that took the best of the overall college’s design and combined it with an audience-centric presentation of information and tools.

The new home page displays a simple choice to visitors — are you looking for alumni network content or fundraising information? The design and layout use ample white space, nostalgia photography and restrained color to guide users quickly to key choices and tasks.

Concurrently, the team looked at ways to integrate online giving, directories and event functionality. To ensure that the Foundation felt empowered to take over day-to-day tasks on the site’s update and in overall data integrity for The Raiser’s Edge®, Nonprofit Garden provided training shortly before site launch. One staff member — brand new to both The Raiser’s Edge® and the Foundation — used one-on-one time with the training team to learn all things RE from A-Z.


Immediately, the Foundation heard praise and positive comments from all over the campus community. The team has also piloted the email functionality within NetCommunity™ to benchmark all alumni and segmented email campaigns, and will continue to fine-tune their templates and outreach based on findings.

Visit the website at scf.schoolcraft.edu.

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