San Francisco Day School

A Raiser's Edge Success Story

The Challenge

San Francisco Day School (SFDS) had a new but very experienced Development officer that inherited a seriously neglected Raiser’s Edge database. She called on Nonprofit Garden to rebuild an alumni program that had been allowed to wither on the vine. At the same time, SFDS needed to grow the alumni donor base without cannibalizing donors from the annual giving program. Segmenting and targeting donors within The Raiser’s Edge database was going to be key.

The Raiser’s Edge Project Highlights

Database Assessment

Perform a mini-assessment of The Raiser’s Edge to help identify priorities

Fundraising Strategy

Furnished strategic support in RE with specific work on reporting, alum management, CFA coding refinement

Custom Reports

Created custom reports for endowment campaign results that can be developed into templates for other giving reports

The Solution

After working together previously, the SFSD’s new Development Officer, Erin, immediately called Kristen & Nonprofit Garden to address the database issues so she could focus on building new programs rather than on solving old problems. The initial assessment & analysis provided the blueprint for reorganizing the alumni program. It also supplied the insight for creating the segmentation needed to grow the alumni donor base. The result was an clean database complete with new procedures and custom reports for a more consistent & automated workflow. Erin now brags that she doesn’t have to “fight with the database” every time she needs research an alum, or track down parent-child relationships.

Project Details

  • Reviewed new family data files and create procedure or template for input/import.
  • Update all family/student data (graduation, siblings, other relationships) to assure database is current.
  • Reviewed and updated basic RE/Campaign, Fund and Appeal structure to support ongoing growth and management reporting.
  • Evaluated current processes and made recommendations to improve gift and data entry processes in preparation for the new annual campaign.
  • Create report for endowment campaign results that is flexible enough to become templates for other giving reports.
  • Provide one-on-one training to frontline staff and power users of The Raiser’s Edge to improve day-to-day operations.
  • Provided The Raiser’s Edge consulting services over the course of 3 years as well as ongoing consulting services on an as needed basis.