Peninsula Family Service

“We reconnected with our donors in a really specialized and personal way — and hit way above our yearly fundraising goal. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without Lisa and her team at Nonprofit Garden.”
– Michael O’Donahue, Vice President of Advancement

Peninsula Family Service


A new vice president needed to keep his focus on a $2 million capital campaign, but kept getting called on to put out data administration fires with The Raiser’s Edge® implementation. Peninsula’s database was in disarray, and current staff members had never been trained. Reports were a disaster. The capital campaign could never be successful in this environment.

They turned to the team at Nonprofit Garden to help prioritize the possibilities and implement a bigger, better annual campaign.


The Nonprofit Garden consultant worked with the entire Peninsula staff, eventually becoming an extended team member and “right-hand woman” for the leadership. Specific priorities included:

  • Planning: Prioritizing the work to fall within available resources and leadership bandwidth to attend to the database clean-up
  • Training: Working with an inexperienced new hire on the basics of The Raiser’s Edge® over a series of semi-monthly sessions with “homework” to test understanding of training concepts
  • Data clean-up: Creating a plan for managing tables and maintaining a clean system
  • Events: Replacing events management by an Excel spreadsheet(!) with The Raiser’s Edge® events module
  • Reporting: Developing useful reports and dashboards to provide quick, reliable information about activity in the development office

Nonprofit Garden also worked with the Vice President of the Development Office on a more robust solicitation program. The first step was identifying a tracking mistake in the database that had marked hundreds of constituents as “do not solicit” in error. After recovering so many “new” possible donors, the consultant helped Peninsula segment their list and personalize appeals with touch points designed for different kinds of donors.


Nonprofit Garden trained the staff not just on the “hows” of working with The Raiser’s Edge® database, but also the “whys” and “whens” — empowering the team to think more strategically on their own. In the first year after the new solicitation program debuted, giving increased by 40%.

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