NetCommunity Remodel: The Donation Form

Springs Rescue Mission had a strong vision for the donor experience on their website and having the standard, boring NetCommunity donation form did not fit the bill! In 2015, they launched a new combination WordPress(WP)/NetCommunity site. The WP site focuses on external-facing communication channels while the NetCommunity site continues to provide the simple, clean, bi-directional data communication with The Raiser’s Edge.

The Challenge: Give NetCommunity Donation Form a Contemporary Look

NetCommunity Donation Form

The team at Springs Rescue Mission’s vision included a donation form that was easy to use, large graphic buttons, and a way to let donors know the impact of their gift. By NetCommunity makeover standards, it was a pretty tall order but we met their challenge & gave the donation form a transformation that really brought their form into the 21st century.

It’s no secret that the visual presentation of the default form is lacking. Add to that, the programming behind NetCommunity’s default donation form is — shall we say reminiscent of This Old House. It has a good blueprint, but it needs some cosmetic updates. The blueprint – or the “bones” of this house is the power of the Raiser’s Edge (RE) integration. As we have seen with the release of 7.0 and the latest BBNC roadmap, NetCommunity is far from dead. Is it showing its age? Does it need to be remodeled?  Absolutely.

If you are using The Raiser’s Edge (7.0 or NXT), you don’t want to give up the power of the integration just to get something that’s pretty, but requires more staff time to process.

The Solution:

Can it be responsive (mobile and tablet ready)?

Can we have a multipurpose form (single and recurring giving on the same form)?

Can it be visually attractive and have user friendly graphics?

Can we add selection driven text to drive larger donations?

Springs Rescue Mission’s Donation Form was definitely a remodel worth the investment.

Is your donation form ready for a modern makeover? Is your entire site in need of a remodel? Maybe you already have good “bones” but just need an updated look?

Let us know and we will offer a free 30-minute review of your current site structure, organization, and design. Let’s see if a little spackle and paint can take your donation forms & site to a new level!

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