Maine Medical Center

“Not only did the Nonprofit Garden team hear what I was looking for, but they also involved me in the process. They’ve given me the tools to do a lot of what I need by myself. And when I’m stumped, I can give them a call.”
– Bethany Winslow, Major Gifts and Grants Associate

Maine Medical Center


The foundation for the Maine Medical Center (MMC) had been planning enhancements to their website for almost a year. However, MMC’s overall IT and marketing departments couldn’t fit the work into their project schedule.

The development team knew what changes they needed, but didn’t have the training or internal resources to implement the adjustments. They also didn’t want to engage with a company that would push a full site redesign or other unneeded changes.


The Nonprofit Garden (NPG) team approached the project by assigning a dedicated NetCommunity™ designer/producer to address the hospital’s punch-list of enhancements. This allowed the consultant to get to know the Maine Medical Center mission and team and leverage that knowledge throughout each phase of changes.

Nonprofit Garden and MMC prioritized the changes and worked through them to launch the enhanced functionality and pages over a period of six months. Specific enhancements to the site included:

  • Multiple donation forms with funds pre-selected based on donor interests
  • Content toggles to allow for one-click access to in-depth research and additional health resources


The foundation staff now has an effective and efficient way to improve their website, making use of their lean budget in the ways that provide the most value. MMC can now focus on accomplishing their mission and cultivating gifts — instead of writing code or negotiating schedules with an outside firm. MMC continues to use Nonprofit Garden as valued on-call experts.

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