Illinois Civics

A NetCommunity Success Story

The Challenge

The State of Illinois has passed a law requiring high school students (beginning with the 2016-17 freshman class) to take a civics course in order to graduate. The McCormick Foundation and Illinois Civic Mission Coalition were instrumental in getting the bill passed, and will support curriculum development and teacher training across the state. The goal of this project was to create an easy-to-navigate, responsive NetCommunity website that serves as the leading resource for information on the implementing the required high school civics class in Illinois.

Illinois Civics | NetCommunity Web Design

NetCommunity Project Highlights

Code-Free Slideshow

Developed custom slideshow that eliminates the need to work with code in order to update images, text and links.

NetCommunity Implementation

Provided management, launch and support for new child site for Illinoiscivics.org in a shared NetCommunity installation.

The Solution

The new site presents a clean and contemporary design. The site navigation and polished content allows for a streamlined user experience that is easy-to-use. Through the use of a custom flexible layout, internal staff is able to update the site quickly and create new pages with different visual displays that meets the need of the content. This keeps the site from getting too “one note” and allow for future growth and new technology implementation and integration.

The Details

  • Provided management, launch and support for new child site for Illinoiscivics.org in a shared Blackbaud NetCommunity installation.
  • Designed and created new layouts, templates and CSS for the site that is to serve as the “go to” destination for Illinois Civics information.
  • Served as liaison for site architecture discussions & planning.
  • Implemented user-friendly information architecture and mobile responsive visual display of website.
  • Build out content and forms to ensure complete migration of new site.
  • Provided ongoing NetCommunity consulting throughout project.