East Texas Food Bank

A NetCommunity Success Story

The Challenge

As an early adopter of Blackbaud NetCommunity, East Texas Food Bank’s (ETFB) website had an outdated design and content that no longer reflected ETFB’s mission. Even with an active web manager at the helm, the site seemed to be frozen in time and in need of a face lift.

East Texas Food Bank NetCommunity Web Design

NetCommunity Project Highlights

Code-Free Slideshow

Developed custom slideshow that eliminates the need to work with code in order to update images, text and links.

Mobile Responsive

Designed & developed new mobile responsive Blackbaud NetCommunity templates, layouts and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to reflect a more contemporary design.

Mobile Giving

Customized donation forms to use user-friendly giving level buttons and mobile responsive functionality

Custom Food Finder

Developed and programmed a custom “Food Finder” tool that allows users to quickly locate resources near them and is easily updated by internal staff via spreadsheets.

The Solution

The new design presents a contemporary design with a restructured site navigation and user interface that is streamlined and user-friendly. Through the use of a flexible layout, East Texas Food Bank was able to combine content and action items therefore reducing the number of pages, parts and menus to maintain. The new Food Finder tool that is persistent on every page, with multiple ways to access,  provides an interactive 24 hr assistance / self-service option to community members in need.

“Nonprofit Garden helped us overcome any challenges during implementation and they are still there for us if we have questions, concerns or need something new designed. Rebecca & the Nonprofit Garden team work quickly, efficiently and understood how to implement our needs in the best way possible.”

Michael Hetrick

Online Communications Coordinator, East Texas Food Bank

Project Details

  • Worked with stakeholders to develop new information architecture for a better user experience that will better serve ETFB’s community.
  • Designed & developed new Blackbaud NetCommunity CSS, layouts and page templates to reflect a more contemporary design.
  • Incorporated live social media streams into home page.
  • Developed custom slideshow on the home page that eliminate the need to work with code in order to update images, text and links.
  • Programmed a custom “Food Finder” tool that allows users in need of assistance to quickly locate resources near them and is easily updated by internal staff.
  • Build out content and forms to ensure complete migration of new site.
  • Customized donation forms for Meal-A-Day Monthly Donor Program gifts, mobile responsiveness, the addition of large, user-friendly buttons and corresponding impact statements that show the impact of each level of gifts.
  • Provided both onsite and remote Blackbaud NetCommunity training.
  • Created mobile responsive email templates for use inside NetCommunity that reflect the new site design.
  • Provided Blackbaud NetCommunity consulting services over the course of 2 years as well as ongoing consulting services on an as needed basis.