Clackamas Community College Foundation

“We are small and busy and were in the middle of a multi-million fundraising campaign while at the same time trying to redesign our website. It would have taken us six months longer without the insight and training we received from Nonprofit Garden (formerly Beyond Nines). Before, no one wanted to touch the website. Now, we’re leveraging its power for the whole college.”
– Greg Fitzgerald, Executive Director


Clackamas Community College had recently redeveloped its brand. A significant web overhaul of course led the way. But the college’s foundation still used a dated, flat approach. Executive Director Greg Fitzgerald knew that NetCommunity™ offered them powerful tools for connecting and interacting with donors, but the stretched staff didn’t know where to begin. After soliciting recommendations from other colleges on where to turn for the best NetCommunity™ support, the Foundation found Nonprofit Garden.


Lisa and her team demonstrated an immediate command of NetCommunity™’s toolkit as well as how to run an efficient redesign project. The team scoped and scheduled the work, providing the Foundation team with clear deadlines and deliverables to ensure project success.

The redesign incorporated the Clackamas visual identity, color palette and messaging, and deployed Spark’s core functionality and a few integrations, including:

  • Rotating banners and slideshows
  • Donation forms
  • Memorial funds
  • A board portal
  • Credit card processing for all college events
  • Google Drive document management
  • Google Calendar

Once they came to campus to conduct a two-day training session, the trainer walked the Clackamas team through all of the elements of the site, and reserved a few final pages and parts for hands-on practice.


The Foundation went live the day after their NetCommunity™ training sessions. Since then, the staff has confidently enhanced content and is now working on refining their mail and email functions.

“The real value add was the training and the time they took to walk us through the site,” said Fitzgerald. “Since then, we’ve remained in contact for support. If we have questions, we get an immediate response. That’s not something you find with a lot of vendors.”

The Foundation website redesign has received accolades from across the board, including constituents.

Visit the website at give.clackamas.edu.

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