A Raiser's Edge NXT Success Story

The Challenge

Avenidas welcomed a new President & CEO Amy Andonian to their team in 2017 and technology & automation was on the top of her priority list. As part of these new strategic initiatives, Avenidas was looking to upgrade The Raiser’s Edge, but they weren’t sure if RE NXT the right choice. They needed help with analysis of their current software, evaluating other solutions available, and someone to make recommendations. The upcoming temporary relocation of the administrative offices created another layer of complexity for sustaining services while moving forward. They needed a partner who would be flexible and available at a moment’s notice.

“I don’t know how we would have implemented RE NXT without their insight and expertise. They are a perfect combination of tech skill & fundraising art.”

Mary Hohensee

VP Development, Avenidas

The Raiser’s Edge Project Highlights

RE NXT Preparation Cleanup

Data cleanup for NXT implementation, including strategic record archiving & merging of spouse records to meet record capacity counts for NXT

RE NXT Preparation Setup

Customized work center dashboards and implemented coding in key areas of NXT platform including: solicitor assignments; actions; proposals; notepads

RE NXT Training

Training for fundraising team on NXT utilization and work center customizations, metric reporting and record management

The Solution

Avenidas’ CEO’s fist move was to hire Nonprofit Garden to provide a written analysis of the current state of The Raiser’s Edge. Nonprofit Garden’s audit provided the necessary information for the Avenidas team to carefully evaluate whether to move to RE NXT (and a cloud environment) or to leave the Blackbaud eco-system altogether.

Based on the audit results, Avenidas chose to remain with Blackbaud and delay any data migration until they were back in the renovated building. Providing training and stability for staff for the next phase of the process was paramount with the interruption of technology services by the physical move alone. In addition to training, preparing for RE NXT migration included: significant data cleanup, training staff in the features and functionality of the new modules, and building initial NXT work centers, creating new reports, and mobile functionality. With the help of Kristen and Nonprofit Garden, Avenidas is using RE NXT with ease and unprecedented results.

Project Details

  • Comprehensive Technology Assessment to evaluate Avenidas’ current Fundraising CRM & other online tools
  • Worked with Avenidas to complete a Cost-Benefit Analysis for migration to Blackbaud’s RE NXT vs. Other CRM solutions.
  • Raiser’s Edge (RE) Audit followed by recommendations for upcoming NXT implementation
  • Reviewed and updated basic RE/Campaign, Fund and Appeal structure to support ongoing growth and management reporting.
  • Furnished strategic support in RE with specific work on reporting, improved gift and data entry processes, and CFA coding refinement.
  • Business process review for development offices after long-time RE database administration left organization.
  • Provide personalized onsite one-on-one training as well as remote training and support for The Raiser’s Edge, RE NXT and Online Express to front-line staff improve day-to-day operations.
  • Provided The Raiser’s Edge consulting services over the course of 7 years as well as ongoing consulting services on an as needed basis.