Asian Americans for Community Involvement

“I didn’t need to go to a full Blackbaud® training and learn everything there is to know about The Raiser’s Edge®. Kristen Kenyon focused on what was important for our roles, helping us think through the best and most streamlined way to use the database.”
– Anne Im, Director of Development

Asian Americans for Community Involvement


In the summer of 2011, the executive director of Asian American Community Involvement (AACI) was faced with a staffing challenge. Her director of development had resigned, and another key employee was headed out for maternity leave. She knew that her only other full-time data entry staffer was thinking about returning to school.

How could the organization continue to function with the key development department staff gone and new hires still weeks away?


AACI turned to Nonprofit Garden (formerly Beyond Nines) for interim staffing. Consultant Kristen Kenyon stepped in as interim director of development, working onsite each week over a course of 40 weeks. She provided leadership, training and mentoring for the staff. Kristen focused on developing reports and dashboards that would allow a new director of development to better able to brief directors on fundraising on a weekly basis. Other projects completed during her interim tenure included:

  • Managing and launching the end-of-year solicitation
  • Working closely with the Annual Luncheon event committee to ensure it stayed on track for the following spring
  • Implementing new data entry practices
  • Working closely with the finance department to implement monthly reconciliation processes


The availability of an expert interim staff member allowed the organization to continue providing services and programs to the community. AACI was so pleased with Kristen’s work that they extended her initial four-month contract to eight months so that she could continue making improvements to their operations. She briefed the new director of development on the big picture of using The Raiser’s Edge® within the office, and trained other staff on the details needed to optimize their performance.

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