Alexander Youth Network & The Relatives

A WordPress & NetCommunity Case Study



Alexander Youth Network recently merged with another Charlotte area organization, The Relatives and needed to unify the web presence of both organizations as well as increase the access to resources for their respective clients as well as the community. Both organizations were already utilizing NetCommunity but their current sites were plagued with mixed content messages due to outdated programming, dated branding, poor navigation and content that was out of date and no longer applicable. As a result, The Relatives’ site was nearly inactive and both sites needed to be refocused & revamped.

Both teams knew the integration between NetCommunity & The Raiser’s Edge was invaluable and didn’t want to give up that power. But with new staff members of varying skill levels, they began to seek a web solution that would allow their staff to update website in a more modern fashion. Under current budget constraints, it was also important for both sites to get their much needed updates but also share similar web presence/user experience to rebuild their client’s trust.


Nonprofit Garden worked with both Alexander Youth Network and The Relatives stakeholders during an onsite discovery session to uncover the pain points for both organizations and discuss solutions to meet the individual needs of both organizations. The results of this session lead to the unique solution of NetCommunity/WordPress hybrid websites (a total of 4!) that would allow them to make modifications and additions to the sites to ensure their content was always current.

Features include:

  • The addition of WordPress streamlined their internal processes without losing functionality
  • Responsive designs placed in WordPress & NetCommunity to create a seamless transition for users
  • Shared layout/template structure saved budget without sacrificing each organization’s brand identity
  • Audience-centered site navigation to better serve the communities they serve
  • Revitalization on the online portal pages
  • The addition of more dynamic content like slideshows and videos
  • Expand/collapse functionality to help display large areas of content
The Relatives

The teams at Alexander Youth Network & The Relatives worked to write new content including new graphics and images and brought in Nonprofit Garden to do the heavy lifting of content migration. Upon completion of the majority of content migration to the new sites, Rebecca delivered 2 days of onsite training for WordPress and NetCommunity as well as a complete orientation to the new sites’ features and functionality.


WordPress and NetCommunity sites for both organizations launched in June 2016. Because Alexander Youth Network & The Relatives have small staffs, this hybrid solution increased office efficiency quickly and made a big impact throughout both organizations. Immediate feedback from both site administrators and outside users was overwhelmingly positive and online donor engagement continues to increase.  Within the first two weeks of launch, the time users spent on Alexander Youth Network’s site is up 63% with 71% of users are new visitors. The Relatives experienced the most dramatic increase in site engagement with the number of users increasing by 667% and page views increased by 475%. Donation page visits are up 31% for Alexander Youth Network and 98% for The Relatives.

Visit the website at www.alexanderyouthnetwork.org and www.therelatives.org


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