Announcing the Launch of Nonprofit Garden Consulting

Who We Are

After five years of rapid growth and expansion with Beyond Nines, Lisa Lane and her team of consultants are planting seeds in the Nonprofit Garden. Be sure to check out the services & features of our new firm. The most important thing to know is that we are the same people offering the same consulting services — we’ve just expanded our reach!

With a combined total of 50+ years working with nonprofits across North America, the stellar team of consultants is branching out. We certainly have an expertise in Blackbaud products, but our roots run deep in the soil of fundraising technology. So why shouldn’t we share this wealth of knowledge and experience with nonprofits of all sizes and shapes?

What We Do

Customers today want to leverage the unique combination of tools available to them, and they want to pick and choose based on what the right fit for them. It’s no longer a one-size-fits-all software solution for nonprofits.

Have you heard of Little Green Light? We are currently working with small nonprofits using that solution as their first step in fundraising technology. Interested in exploring DonorPerfect online instead of RE NXT? We can help you with a cost-benefit analysis, conversion and implementation. From big-picture assessments down to the tactical details of cleaning your data, our seasoned consulting team can help you find smart and cost-effective solutions.

We’re also expanding our reach in online solutions. WordPress is gaining in popularity and many of our clients are looking to utilize WordPress instead of or in combination with NetCommunity. We can help you decide what’s the right move for you and get to the finish line faster.

Let’s Stay in Touch

Whatever you’re seeking — data clean-up or conversion, a move to a responsive website or integrating your traditional and online solicitation programs— you deserve the right combination of fundraising expertise, database knowledge and consultant services. We can help you find and organize the information you need, apply proven fundraising principles, and grow your online presence.

Check out the new Consulting Team profiles!

Attending BBCon in Austin? Let us know, and we’ll see you at the saloon!


Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Garden