NetCommunity isn’t Dead

In April of 2006, I left Blackbaud as it’s first NetCommunity Consultant… That seems like eons (or at least a decade) ago! It’s as true today as it was back then – NetCommunity is the strongest tool to integrate The Raiser’s Edge with your online web presence and to engage with your donors. Granted, lots of changes have occurred in the last 10 years with two of the biggest disruptors being Luminate (formerly Convio and purchased by Blackbaud) and the quick rise in popularity of WordPress.

As a result of these changes, Nonprofit Garden continues to develop more and more WordPress sites for nonprofits, and for those with The Raiser’s Edge we continue to build fully responsive NetCommunity and NetCommunity/WordPress combination sites. There are options folks! You can have a modern looking, fully-engaging website on an easy-to-manage CMS. You just have to dream it…and we will build it.

We are excited to see the recent release of NetCommunity 7.0 and happy to see the additional features and functionality that will be launched in the fall with version 7.1.  If you missed the announcement, simply go to Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.0 to see the slideshow.

I also thought it time we put some NetCommunity rumors to rest. Read more about my take on NetCommunity Fact vs. Fiction.

Email Resources

Responsive Email Coding Tips

Responsive email messages are industry standard. No matter what email marketing system you use for sending emails unless you know some basics principles, your messages will be just another card trick. Rebecca's latest tip sheet Mastering the Magic of Responsive Email Design will help you pull a rabbit out of your hat & have your audience cheering.

Online Solutions

Google: Mobile or Bust!

That news that Google will split its mobile and desktop indexes within ‘months’, according to a Google webmaster trends analyst is going to be a game changer for websites that aren't mobile friendly. Read the online article from The Guardian. If you're not mobile friendly, you'll soon be left behind. Not sure where to start? Check out our ebook Conquering Responsive Design for Nonprofits.

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Garden