Season’s Greetings from Nonprofit Garden


I use that word with intention. So many of you, our customers have become friends and acquaintances around the country and around the globe! The entire Nonprofit Garden team is looking back at 2015 with gratitude for all the wonderful things that have occurred and gifts we’ve been given. Instead of writing a list for Santa this year, we wrote a Gratitude List and we wanted to share it you.

Nonprofit Garden’s 2015 Gratitude Countdown

5) We are expanding our software expertise every day. In 2016, we will be working with nonprofits using Salesforce, Neon CRM, and other fundraising systems in addition to our primary area of expertise with Blackbaud® products!

4) We  have some exciting new international partnerships that allow us to offer more technical tools to our clients. Welcome to Productle and Flores.

3) We are expanding our website and online fundraising services to include design and programming in WordPress as well as Blackbaud products including Luminate and Luminate Online.

2) We are all happy, healthy and honored to work with so many amazing nonprofits.

1) We have YOU! Our customers – loyal and long-term partners, along with newer clients and friends we have met along the way. You are passionate and mission-minded. Each time we work with you, we grow. We become better as you challenge us with new and exciting out-of-the-box projects!

And, as we give thanks and gratitude in this busy season, we also want to share a few resources with you

• 10 Year-End Giving Statistics Every Fundraiser Should Know
• Database Cleanup: 6 Tips for Clearing the Clutter

Wishing you all the best of the Season, and hope you share your gratitude list with others!

Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane

Founder & CEO of Nonprofit Garden