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Data conversion is a critical process that is not to be taken lightly. As former fundraisers, we know that you can’t build out programs and accomplish your mission without the right resources! At Nonprofit Garden, we understand that the donor picture is created by his/her pattern of giving, online behavior, memberships, and event attendance. We want to protect the personal and organizational relationships during the data conversion and ensure that your information gets transferred appropriately to whatever fundraising system you select. It’s not just a database, it’s the lifeblood to your fundraising strategy.

There have been great strides in online fundraising software in the last two decades and you have man choices when it comes to fundraising tools. If your organization has decided to move away from the database you have been using for decades let us talk to you about a few critical steps to take before jumping ship. Our job isn’t to talk you into or out of anything – it’s to ensure that you are aware of critical steps that will ensure success. We will guide you through what to expect during data conversion, point out key elements to remember before handing off your data. Nonprofit Garden will also show you how to minimize the hiccups while supporting you for a more seamless transition to your new vendor.

Our Process


What are the current challenges – cost, resources (time, staff, etc.), quality of data? Are you driven by volunteers? Or a membership organization? Understanding your mission and your operations will allow us to narrow a very wide field into 3 or 4 solid options that will all fit your needs.


The Nonprofit Garden team will ensure that you don’t buy what you don’t need. Our goal is to help you only spend the dollars you need to be fully functional, not necessarily what the vendor recommends. Understand the price before you fall in love with the software.


We would never recommend that you purchase a fundraising CRM without getting your hands dirty entering gifts, running reports, and conducting donor segmentation queries. Test all the critical steps to ensure you are happy with your purchase before you buy.


Our team will assist as needed to either move “old data” to the new system or simply to be your advocate with your new vendor. They may be doing the heavy-lifting but we will ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible, in a timely fashion, and at a cost you can afford.

Data conversion services include:

  • Software selection & data conversion
  • Pre-conversion data review and cost-saving recommendations
  • Data exports and translation services
  • Quality assurance testing in the new vendor system
  • Ongoing support to incorporate new business processes

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Data Conversion Testimonial - Avenidas

“The Nonprofit Garden team has taken a very scary process and helped us break it down into manageable bites. Each member of the team is talented and easy to work with. I don’t know how we would have implemented RE NXT without their insight and expertise. They are a perfect combination of tech skill and fundraising art.”

Mary Hohensee – VP Development, Avenidas

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