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The Challenge

Nonprofits often lack time, resources, and know-how to create consistent and effective social media strategies. This results in lost opportunities to express mission-related impact. We all know donor engagement is the goal – but how do you actively use social media to build trust and community, and to have conversations with rather than at prospects? How do you solve the problem of balancing staff time and limited resources with the increasing demand for “eyeballs” on the impact of your work?


A Team Approach

A Dedicated Resource

A dedicated resource from Nonprofit Garden can manage your brand’s social media by curating, writing, and scheduling content in advance. The work is completed according to your priorities (hot topics, latest research, current events, etc.) and all content is pre-approved by you prior to publishing.  Your dedicated social media expert will meet monthly with your internal team to establish content marketing objectives, and in turn, determine how to measure success.

A Succinct Marketing Calendar

The Nonprofit Garden team will develop content from news sources and stakeholder groups related to your organization, your mission, and your community (i.e. state and local issues), into a succinct marketing calendar. All scheduled content is provided to you with 1-week’s advance notice to provide time for internal editing and approval, etc. Editorial approval meetings will last approximately 30 minutes per week in the first month, and less frequently depending upon the comfort level of the client.

Schedule + Pricing

All projects will have a 10-day research period and  provide you with our strategy document. This is a one-time fee, and the service is provided to you at our cost. We know success is only as good as the content – and we want to ensure your satisfaction!

Services can be purchased on a month-to-month contract or as an annual subscription service. Specific pricing will be determined based on the hours required to reach the organization’s goal. We recommend no less than 10 hours per month to ensure continuous exposure and an adequate publishing schedule.


To find out if this is an option for your nonprofit, complete our “Get Started” contact form on this page.


* Social Media Statistics – https://www.nonprofitpro.com/article/report-social-media/

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