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Tools of the Trade

We’re here to help you harvest data & cultivate donors. This blog is a way to share best practices, resources, news and research to better equip nonprofits for success. We’ll also share our point of view on what we see, hear & read so you’ll have an independent take on the latest buzz.

Software Solutions

Our Take: CRM Software Solutions

In the past two decades, the nonprofit industry has boomed! This list is just a beginning and is certainly the first step of due diligence in evaluating the value of your current software solution.


We Share Your Passion

Passion is what we love about our nonprofit community. We wear our heart on our sleeves for what we believe in and we commit to a mission. At Nonprofit Garden, we share your passion and are committed to helping your grow.


The Garden is Growing

What’s going on with Nonprofit Garden? We keep hearing this question from our friends across the country so we wanted to give you an update. We are expanding our areas of expertise and knowledge to serve our clients better, not withering on the vine.


NetCommunity Lives!

It’s as true today as it was back then – NetCommunity is the strongest tool to integrate The Raiser’s Edge with your online web presence and to engage with your donors.

Fact vs Fiction

NetCommunity – Fact vs Fiction

Rumor #1 – NetCommunity is a dead product. Blackbaud isn’t investing in it anymore. FALSE. Obviously, with the release of RE NXT and the incorporation of NetCommunity into those plans, it is here to stay.

Sharpen Your Professional Development Tools

Sharpen Your Professional Development Tools!

We’ve been busy pulling weeds, prepping the soil and sharpening our tools at Nonprofit Garden! What does that really mean?

10 Must Haves for your Capital Campaign

10 Must-Haves in Your Capital Campaign Website

You don’t have to be Harvard or UCLA to have a great looking website for your next capital campaign.


Gratitude Countdown

Friends, I use that word with intention. So many of you, our customers have become friends and acquaintances around the country and around the globe!


Nonprofit Garden Consulting Launches

After five years of rapid growth and expansion with Beyond Nines, Lisa Lane and her team of consultants are planting seeds in the Nonprofit Garden.